Chelski won’t beat us!

February 6, 2010

Having watched the Manure game again, in a calmer state of mind than on Sunday, what is patently clear is the fact more than half our team were not fully fit… physically or mentally!

Almunia – The man is broken, he looks gaunt and displays weak concentration.

Sagna – Not living up to his debut season.

Clichy – 2nd best left back at the club, understandably not 100% match fit after some time out.

Gallas – Solid as a rock, having his best Arsenal season by some stretch.  Was the only player who performed against the mancs.

Vermaelen – From breaking a leg on Wednesday night, to playing against Manure on Sunday afternoon… the man really is the Verminator.  In all seriousness, the fella was not 100% fit… watch the game again, he lacked energy and his positioning was very off.

Song – Having just played a very demanding African Nations tournament, including going 120 minutes days before the game, a full 7 days rest prior to the Chelski game will do him the world of good.  He is the key man this weekend.

Cesc – Tried, cannot fault the man’s effort, but football is about eleven men pulling together.

Denilson – No way can he be fit, his stamina laden midfield displays following Cesc’s injury last season are feeling like a long, long time ago. He needs resting.

Nasri – Lazy performance, not a winger for me.  Far more effective for the team coming from deep as opposed to playing right up the pitch with his back to goal. Again, only back from an injury so maybe not 100% fit (recurring theme?)

Arshavin – Played well, was selfish.. but that is what a good striker is? right? if he was asked to play CF.. his game is to score goals.  Shooting boots were not on, but he made good runs and opened space for himself a few times.  Crying shame one of the earlier efforts did not clip the inside of the far post and rustle in the onion bag.

Rosicky – Gets stuck in a lot more these days, flung himself around, huffed and puffed to no avail sadly.

So on to the game on Sunday afternoon, can’t be bothered writing about the Terry et al scandal, suffice to say, I think it will affect the morale in the Chelski team… more revelations are due in the Sunday papers.

Bottom line, lets move on from the match last weekend, a fully rested, fully match fit starting eleven will not lose to this Chelski side tommorow afternoon.

Essien is a huge miss for them, especially against us with our movement and creativity from the middle of the park.

They will suffer without him, we shall make hay in his absence.

Btw – Thank you all the Gooners… good, bad and ugly… who have sent me emails voicing their personal opinions about my blog content.  I fully appreciate some of you won’t have a similar line of thought about the club and manager, all opinions are welcome nonetheless.


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