Lift off

February 2, 2009

Welcome to my personal blog, which will act as a tribute to the one and only, Arsene Wenger.  There seems to be an undercurrent brewing, not only amongst the wider footballing audience, but also amongst Gooners that suggests his time has come and gone.

I will detail how/why/where/when these blind sheep have been led up the garden path.  To blame Wenger for the current youth policy completely misses the point with regards to what is truly going on in the background at the club.  It does however highlight the immense class and tactileness the great man exudes.

Yes, I wholeheartedly agree he has made many mistakes recently, like any human being that ever existed/exists, this is natural.  Nobody can be right all the time, this does not mean you can suddenly throw stones at the man.  Open your eyes and really try and read between the lines.

The evidence is right smack in front of you, but if you choose to blindly follow an agenda without any due regard for black and white facts, then I honestly think a permanent trip down the Seven Sisters is in order.

I will endeavour to expand upon points raised in this inaugural post, and develop upon other issues surrounding the club in future postings.  This won’t be a blog to give a match report and player ratings etc, more an overview of my personal feelings about all things Arsenal, in particular all things Wenger.  I greatly believe without him at the helm over the next 3-5 years, disaster is a real prospect.  Do not continue to disrespect this man, you will live to regret it!

Who would you replace him with?  Have an honest think about what manager in world football, that is currently available and willing to come and manage a club with massive debts that need careful consideration for the next 3-5 years in order to safeguard the next 100 years of our great club.  Honest Arry?

Who could come in, and do a job on a budget that is comparable to a bottom 10 Premiership club, and keep us up at the top end of the table?

Who would want to come in and not only manage the football team, but also the bottom line of the club?

Who indeed !!


3 Responses to “Lift off”

  1. stringfellowhawke said


  2. avenell said

    Hi from avenell road 🙂

    nice one stringfellow I like it.. 😉

  3. JonJon said

    good good post mr hawke, very well done.

    i agree the man has made mistakes, and even more so this season, but the fact he has to run a massive club on a shoe string, and he does so well, means we would indeed be lost without him at the moment

    the man is replacable, but at the right time. not just yet, we need him too much to help us get through this,

    any other manager in the world, needs to spend 50mil plus each season to keep a top club in the mix. and at the minute we dont have 50 mil to spend. we need wenger more than ppl think we do.

    things arent great at the club, we are not in the position we want to be, but surely the circumstances sorrounding the club dictate the sitution more than the manager???? maybe its the manager thats stopped us going under while the stadium and everything has been biult???

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